A mostly gas giant planet except for its solid core. People have colonized it using a series of skyhooks stretching from orbit down to its cavernous core.

The atmosphere is poisonous gases and torrential wind storms but the core is solid and is mined extensively for its rare Oridium. There are rumors of the workers being mistreated and a possible revolt from the majority mining class.

A train robbery occurred here. It was rumored in local tabloids that a large priceless ruby or garnet was stolen from its cargo; disgruntled miners corroborate this story, some claiming that a local uprising was thinking of stealing it themselves. Also on the train was a strange Gundark that was wanted by Jiro Besadii Eki.

Jiro hired the crew of the Morla alongside his employee Nobu Motbae to recover the beast.

Only one police report was filed to local authorities, by one Monar Arbok.


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