Nobu Motbae

A grizzled looking gungan, self proclaimed great hunter.


Gungan Spy Infiltrator, Big Game Hunter

Wound Threshold 12 Strain Threshold 13 Soak 3

Brawn 2, Agility 3, Intellect 2, Cunning 3, Willpower 2, Presence 1

Computers 1, Coordination 1, Perception 1, Ranged (heavy) 2, Skullduggery 2, Stealth 2, Streetwise 1, Survival 2, Knowledge Xenology 1. Deception 1, melee 1

Talents: Forager, Grit, Stalker, Confidence, Expert Tracker, Dodge, Frenzied Attack

Obligation 5: Betrayal

Owed a lot of money to a Hutt, Jiro, paid for it with blood! Now a lot of criminal elements know that Nobu is not to be truested and will betray those he works with.



Alias: Mclovin… that’s it

A gungan from Naboo, Nobu was known to be a great hunter. His friends called him “One Shot Mott” for his accuracy, which led Nobu to call himself the greatest hunter around. These claims, and arrogance along with it, drew the ire of other local gungans.

So when Nobu fell in with a local smuggler, Dynah Sheef, and started capturing/poaching the animals that her Hutt boss wanted, the locals jumped at the chance to imprison him. Jiro, Dynah’s Hutt employer, bailed Nobu out on the condition that Nobu would work for him to pay back his debt. Jiro however, keeps finding more and more things that Nobu owes him. The Hutt level interest rate isn’t helping either.

Despite his cockiness, Nobu respects animal life very much and considers himself a conservationist. He has never used lethal force against a living creature and believes Jiro Besadii Eki is giving these animals a nice home, like a conservatory.

After the events of the “New Droid Rights Movement” on the moon of Quartzite, Nobu turned over the ruby that Gnaw Tsin had previously lied about. Jiro Besadii Eki enacted punishment on all of the crew, including Nobu. They were to be hunted in the wilderness by some of his best bounty hunters on payroll.

Nobu’s survival skills and knowledge of the compound helped the crew turn the tables though and took the fight back to Jiro Planning to con Jiro into an ambush, Nobu acted as though he was rejoining. However he lost half of his ear flap to ritualized Yubitsume, and the other when Nobu’s betrayal became clear (a vibroknife to the sternum does that.)

Nobu eventually killed Jiro, using the Hutt’s persional pet fambaa to stomp him, Not all was happy though, Nobu lost his one time partner and friend, Dynah Sheef, in the melee. Jiro had cut her down with his newly acquired lightsaber.

Nobu and the crew traveled to Naboo where they gave Dynah Sheef a proper burial at sea. He worked for hours to find and create the best burial casket he could and said some heartfelt words before pushing her off into the Ocean.
Nobu has since bought and installed cyberware repli-limb ears from an underground sawbones street doc.

Nobu Motbae

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