Monar Arbok

A Mon Calamari leader. Heir to legendary Arbok family.


Mon Cal Commodore

Brawn 2 Agility 2 Intellect 4 Cunning 1 Willpower 3 Presence 4

Soak 3 Wound Threshold 12 Strain Threshold 15

Astrogation 1, Cool 1, Leadership 1, Perception 1, Vigilance 1, Ranged light 1, Education 1, Warfare 1. deception 2, coercion 2

Talents: Command, Commanding Presence, Galaxy Mapper, Rapid Reaction 2, dedication (presence)

Carrying a Blaster pistol, backpack, Heavy clothing, Comlink

Obligation 10: Obsession.
Since the empire killed his family and appropriated his family’s riches into their own coffers, Monar has been obsessed with vengeance against the Empire, not just for himself, but everyone who has lost something because of their tyranny.

Freedom and Vengeance


Monar’s family made their fortune on Dac, helping the Republic build ships and defense. The Arbok name was well known on Dac and Monar’s father and uncles even helped devise strategies for the battle of Mon Calamari against their Quarren neighbors.

When Palpatine claimed all power for himself however, Monar’s parents fled their homeworld to the rural Kho’Dhanis on the Outer Rim. His parents could not hide forever though, and were murdered by Imperial agents; their fortunes funneled into the Imperial war machine and bureaucracy, never to be seen by their family again.

The only possession Monar has from his parents is an old GHTROC-720 named Morla and an R4 astromech that helped pilot it. Monar decided to use this last remnant of his family name to get revenge on The Empire. He started at home, helping his friend Gnaw Tsin attack a local base to steal one of the few space faring vessels on the planet.

Since then he has led his crew to victories on Kashyyyk, commanded a local wookiee force, and gaining a life debt of gratitude from Llowwanna.

Monar Arbok

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