Jiro Besadii Eki

A surprisingly athletic Hutt, Employer of Dynah and Nobu


A Hutt with a curious obsession over Nabooian goods. Often hires Dynah Sheef to smuggle him forbidden Nabooian items, including the Gumfish he so emphatically devours.

He is a Hutt with a missing eye and wears a white bandanna around the top of his head. Almost constantly seen chopping the heads off of gumfish and eating them raw. He is very proud of his Nabooian collection, including animals that Nobu Motbae has captured for him.

Owns the planet Nu Bootana in Hutt Space

Jiro seems to be looking for the mysterious ruby that the crew found on their first job for him.

after the events on the moon of Quartzite, the crew returned to Jiro, having completed their mission. Jiro soon learned of their previous deception however, when Nobu Motbae turned over the ruby that the Hutt was searching for.

Jiro could not let himself be seen as being fooled in front of his audience chamber, so he had the entire crew knocked out and placed into his private hunting grounds. Here, his retinue of bounty hunters would hunt the deceptive crew until they were stuffed trophies in his hunting lodge. While the great hunt was happening, he sold the rest of the crew into slavery and their droids to the mines he was going to repair.

Jiro did not count on the cunning and skill of the crew. He was tricked by his once trusted servant, Nobu Motbae; taking one of Nobu’s earflaps in Yubitsume, the other in combat with his newly acquired lightsaber. Jiro would soon be flattened by his pet/bodyguard fambaa; which was tamed by Nobu’s previous kinship with it.

Now a pile of sticky slug goop.

Jiro Besadii Eki

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