"Honey" Badga Relskine

An ex underground shock boxing champion, former partner of Rk


An older Barabel who gained renown in underground shock boxing tournaments. Got the nickname “honey” “because his moves are so sweet” and his crowd-his-opponent style is “sticky”.

Became a legend in crime circles for his efficacy of shaking people down for money. Badga and his partner RK-437 took lots of money from people who were under Sarne Tendrilas’s tentacled thumb.

They worked well together, until one fateful day when someone did not give up their protection money so easily and Sarne ordered them to persuade him a little “harder”.That’s when RK-437 went against his programming and fought its restraining bolt and ran away.

Badga enjoys his work and enjoys the paycheck even more.

Badga and his boys rendered most of the Morla crew unconscious during a mission to retake RK-437 and was about to pillage their ship, until Gnaw Tsin and Tryke Clyson in his Tsunami made a desperate attempt to destroy the docking tunnel while Badga and his posse were inside; damaging both of the ships and even giving Gnaw a frightening moment hurtling through space. Monar Arbok decided to take Badga’s ship, The “Borealis”, as it seemed to be crew-less and pilot-less.


"Honey" Badga Relskine

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