Dynah Sheef

A smuggler of Nabooian goods, many-time partner of Nobu


A gungan smuggler who specializes in getting Nabooian goods. Became employed by Jiro Besadii Eki due to his obsession with all things Naboo. Works often with Nobu Motbae.

Nobu Motbae and the crew of the Morla confronted Jiro Besadii Eki after their harrowing escape from Jiro’s hunters on his personal hunting grounds. They then confronted the Hutt. After searching her feelings and listening to Nobu’s pleas (after losing the majority of both his ears), she turned her overcharged pistol on her corrupt employer. Dynah was cut down by Jiro immediately after; her last words telling Nobu her true feelings for him, the feelings she hid for so long.

Dynah Sheef

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