BROba Friendtt

Bounty Hunter scouring the galaxy in search of friendship.


BROba walks into his ship, sullen from another night of fruitless searching. He looks around the empty hull and exhales a deep sigh, “Another night at the Cantina, and still no one wants to be my friend. I just want someone who shares my interests, watching My Little Space Pony, and collecting stuffed animals. Why won’t anyone give me a chance, my mom says I’m so cool!”, he says emphatically.

He hangs up his fedora, and turns off his My Little Space Pony lamp. Maybe I’m just too smart and stylish, and people are intimidated by it?, he thinks to himself. He breathes another deep sigh, closes his eyes, and dreams of the day he will find a place where he belongs. He’ll start his search for friends anew in the morning.

Will our heros cross paths with BROba? Will they befriend BROba? And more importantly, will RK-437 also admit to his love of My Little Space Pony?


BROba Friendtt

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