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  • Nu Bootana

    Jiro's planet. He won it from another Kajidic family in a Granee Noopa. Jiro hired [[:dynah-sheef | Dynah Sheef]] and [[:nobu-motbae | Nobu Motbae]] to smuggle flora and fauna from Naboo to make his planet look more hospitable and beautiful to those who …

  • Nobu Motbae

    Alias: Mclovin... that's it A gungan from Naboo, Nobu was known to be a great hunter. His friends called him "One Shot Mott" for his accuracy, which led Nobu to call himself the greatest hunter around. These claims, and arrogance along with it, …

  • "This Gand"

    A Gand bounty hunter the crew met on [[Nu Bootana | Nu Bootana]] that referred to himself in the 3rd person. Referred to "the mists" often as giving him visions. He also told the crew that they would be involved in combat one day, but not the day they met …

  • An-Shakh

    Hunted the crew on [[:jiro-besadii-eki | Jiro Besadii Eki]]'s game reserve, [[Nu Bootana | Nu Bootana]]. The crew managed to dispatch many of her tamed wolves, but never saw her in her sniping position. She was again encountered on Nar Shaddaa

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