With Thunderous Applause

I'm Still Free - To make poor decisions

After the fierce battle with Krampawuss the heroes find themselves with two badly damaged ships, worn bodies, and a village full of grateful Wookies. The Wookies offer to fix Vera and the Morla. Of course, Snippet doesn’t sit idly by, she helps her new Wookie friends fix the ships.

Unfortunately, they were unable to mount destruction cannons to Gnaw Tsin‘s Vera, but he didn’t hold it against them. Meanwhile, the rest of the group lounges and recovers from their battle wounds. Monar Arbok Takes up the new and exciting hobby of knitting scarves, and RK-437 the resident murder-bot takes to the streets, to shop… RK-437 finds some used storm trooper “armor” and decides it would be a perfectly legitimate idea to take the various pieces, and tape them to his body. He’s a 7 foot tall robot with huge guns, so no one argued the point. Snippet is convinced that RK will look FABULOUS with the newly taped on armor painted red and black, and paints it for him.

After the ships are repaired, Snippet spends some time Ewok-ing around the village, and befriends a cute little Kybuk named Kittarra. The two peer longingly into each others eyes, and they both immediately knew, this was a friendship that would last a life time.

Monar Arbok sees a speeder, and decides to swindle his newly made Wookie friends out of it. He magically finds a crate of ‘jerky’ which he trades for the speeder, in what is widely considered the most uneven trade in the history of the village.

Just then, a familiar ship , flies into view and immediately opens up communication. Gnaw and RK immediately knows the ship, and recognizes the voice as Raspar‘s as soon as he open up communication. Neither Gnaw or RK are worried about Raspar’s appearance, as both regard him as an idiot, but Gnaw was perplexed as to how Raspar found their whereabouts. Raspar says only, “You said there were slaves on Kho Dhanis, I thought Kho Dhanis → K → Khooooaaashyyk? Now I’m here!”

Gnaw once again flexes his superior intellect, and tricks Raspar into leaving Kashyyyk, confused, angry, and without slaves. Monar immediately remembers that a tracking beacon was placed on Raspar’s ship so the Empire was sure not to be far behind.

The crew saddles up as quickly as possible and heads out to space, only to be greeted by an imperial blockade, headed by Lt. Maj. Jerrod Jaywalker in a star destroyer. Jaywalker attempts to get our heroes to relinquish the empire’s ‘property’, but the group unanimously opposed and prepares for battle.

Snippet remembers the name Jaywalker from her past, but given the situation decides it’s best not to press the issue.

Jaywalker lets out three squads of 4 TIE fighters, but Gnaw cuts crushes them with little effort. RK tries to match Gnaw’s TIE fighter count but he is unable to keep up. After Gnaw has crushed 300 to 400 TIE fighters, Jaywalker contacts him with a proposal, give the Wookies to him, and leave peacefully, and he will forgive the crimes, and pay for our troubles. Gnaw refuses the offer, and fires some insults his way.

Snippet decides that she has had enough of this battle, and single-handedly takes out the star destroyer…. By looking at it.

The group decides it would be in their best interest to take this opportunity to leave, so they jump to hyperspace, headed towards a black market space station that was previously a Kuat assembly factory.

- From the datapad of Gnaw Tsin-

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