A cloakshape fighter nicked by Gnaw


Silhouette 3, Speed 4, Handling 0.

Hull Trauma 0/10, System Strain 0/8

Shields 2, Armor 3

Encumbrance 12
Hyperdrive: none
Sensors: Close
Hardpoints: 3

Weapons: Forward mounted twin light laser cannon- close range, damge 5, crit 3, linked 1

Forward mounted twin concussion missile launcher: Range Short, Damage 6, crit 3, blast 4, breach 4, guided 3, Limited ammo 6, Slow Firing 1, Linked 1. 2/6 shots left


Fake Transponder Signal: Schtolteheim Reinback III

An old cloakshape fighter used primarily for transport or crop dusting by an old farmer on Kho’Danis. One of the last few Space worthy vessels left on the agricultural planet since the Empire started confiscating them.

This too, was confiscated, and sent to a nearby imperial base. Gnaw Tsin and Monar Arbok came up with a plan to steal the ship and get off planet with it. They succeeded but not before the Imps had planted a tracking beacon on it.

After Snippet modified the Morla to have a hangar bay in one of it’s cargo bays, that is where it resides when Gnaw isn’t behind the helm.

The imperial tracking beacon would later be planted onto Raspar’s ship, earning his contempt.

The wookiees when repairing the ship on Kashyyyk, painted its name in Shyriiwook on the side and stamps of the foes that they witness him fell in glorious combat. They painted it forest-like colors


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