Tusk, Teef, and Toof

Three Ugnaughts who were a team of science engineers in the separatist army.


These three Ugnaughts always work together, always going into a huddle to discuss things and always finish each others… thoughts, whether it was what they originally wanted to say or not.

Tusk seems to be the leader of the trio on the account of his large tooth. It is unknown if that is the only reason why he is considered the leader or not.

They were left on the planet to oversee mining operations on the once aquatic planet of Tanis. However the pollution caused by their machines and Cortosis laced particulates in the atmosphere quickly lead to planet wide devastation. Their machines led to massive earthquakes and dust clouds that ruined the environment forever.

When the republic learned of the vast amounts of cortosis being mined here, they sent an army of clones led by a Jedi General, Saris Arbok.

The three Ugnaughts kept rebuilding destroyed droids and made strongholds out of their broken ship and other wrecked materiel. Soon it seemed that they came out as the victors, despite seeming a little “off” after 20 years of just each other’s company.


Tusk and Teef were killed by Nobu Motbae after they were discovered to be making a bomb out of ship parts and their cortosis exo-suit. Toof was left alive

Tusk, Teef, and Toof

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