Tryke's V-wing, built from scratch


Armor 3, Hull Trauma 11, System Strain 8

Silh 3, Speed 4, Handling +3

1 pilot, Astromech: Q7 droid, Syllure Hyperspace Ring, Sensor Range: Close, Consumables: 1 day,

1/2 Hardpoints

Wing tip forward mounted Quad laser cannon: Dmg 5, crit 3, linked 3, range close

Forward mounted concussion missile launcher: Dmg 6, crit 3, Range: Short, Blast 4, Breach 4, Guided 3, Limited ammo 4, Slow firing.


Transponder code fake signal: The Big Wave

A stock V-wing that Tryke Clyson built from scratch. He saved for years to get all of the parts.


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