Tryke Clyson

Chatterbox Chadra-fan pilot and mechanic


Brawn 1, Agility 3, Intellect 3, Cunning 2, Willpower 2, Presence 2

Wounds 10, Strain 12, Soak 2

Astrogation 1, Gunnery 2, Mechanics 2, Perception 1, Piloting Space 2

Talents: Gearhead 1, Signature Vehicle: Tsunami, Tuned Maneuvering Thrusters, Bolstered Armor, Fortified Vacuum Seal, Reinforced Frame,

Acute Senses, Silhouette 0

Requests: AKT pilot armor, fusion lantern, camo netting, to see lots of places

Enjoys: attention, friendship, arguing, tinkering with technology, flying fast, adrenaline rushes, things that remind him of Chad

Dislikes: Water, being alone, mean people, homebodies


Alias: Clevander Trolyfield

Tryke grew up on the Chadra Fan home planet of Chad. Like most of his species, he loved to tinker with all the technology he could lay his little hands on. Tryke grew up learning that The Big Green Fish could always turn his wrath onto his little tree village, but never thought things would go like they did.

One day, when Tryke was still yet a child, one of Chad’s terrible storms struck and a giant wave took out his village. He washed up onto a deserted island, alone and barely alive. Tryke became severely depressed and swore he would take his parents off this planet out to the wonders of space. He was rescued a few days later to discover no one else in his village survived.

Tryke left the planet at 13 years old and was ready for a new life of adventure and excitement. He went from spaceport to spaceport working as a mechanic on ships for passage until he landed at an old KSE defunct spacestation- “Bankruptcy Station”, and filled a job as chief mechanic. He worked on every star ship he could and learned as much about them as possible. He even began test driving them when no one was looking.

Tryke became a very skilled pilot and mechanic, being able to tool ships beyond their normal capacity. He used the money he earned to get all the parts of a stock V-wing that he put together from scratch. It became his pride and joy, he named it Tsunami in memory of the event that brought him here. He enjoys the irony that the thing he loves most is called the same thing that destroyed his life, there’s something deep in there somewhere, he thinks.

Clyson started getting bored with just fixing ships though and wanted to fly his own daring adventures, like the ones he heard about from grizzled spacers in the cantina.

Tryke always pretends to be tough and claims to be the best at whatever he is doing. The truth is that he’s deathly afraid of being by himself again and such boasts are sure to bring attention to himself, negative or positive, as long as he isn’t alone.

Tryke Clyson

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