Tenor "T2"

Tinner's twin brother and acquirer of technology


White hair and stubble. Identical to Tinner (T1) except different styles of clothing and hair and beard.


Tenor joined the group for a few missions to help them recover Monar Arbok’s family Cruiser. However, on the planet Tanis, he met a bunch of surviving clones that seemed mutated. This was due to some form of biological warfare enacted by Tusk, Teef, and Toof. Tenor was also, unfortunately, infected.

Tenor stayed with the crew until they led a battle against the Empire outside of KSE defunct spacestation- “Bankruptcy Station”. The crew rallied the local smugglers and pilots while fighting waves of TIE fighters and star destroyers. Tenor, feeling the effects of the biological agent, knew he would die soon; so he sacrificed himself to protect a bomb planted by Nobu Motbae, RK-437, and Snippet. Without his brave actions, the bomb surely would have been disarmed, and the star destroyer victorious against the rabble of defenders.

Tenor "T2"

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