A young female ewok with a penchant for gadgets


Ewok Technician Mechanic, Outlaw Tech

Brawn 3, Agility 2, Intellect 4, Cunning 3, Willpower 2, Presence 2

Wound Threshold 14, Strain 12 , Soak 4, Defense 1/1

Computers 2, Discipline 1, Mechanics 3, Perception 1, Skullduggery 1, Survival 1, Brawl 2, Ranged Light 1

Talents: Gearhead 2, Fine Tuning 2, Solid Repairs 2, Toughened, Redundant Systems, Bad Motivator, Contraption, Dedication, Natural Tinkerer, Tinkerer 2

Scent, Silhouette 0

Shock Gloves (tinkered- weighted head attachment extra damage mod and concussive mod), Armored Clothing (tinkered- advanced camo optics installed, all mods installed), Fusion Cutter, Customized Tool Kit, Slicer Kit, utility belt, backpack, Datapad, Stimpacks (2), Rations (10), Emergency Repair Patch (3), Glow rod, Restraining bolt (2), Electro snare, Electronic Data Breaker, Dragoon Blaster, easily modified blaster pistol “quicktrigger”

Obligation: Debt (20)

Snippet feels an emotional debt towards Tyrie Jaywalker. An Imperial who befriended her on her homeworld on the moon of Endor. He taught her about the “Shinies” she was so interested in, but had to leave her due to increased risks to himself and her. She feels grateful for getting her off her dead end homeworld and showing her so much

Motivation: Wanderlust and her Droid companion, RK-437

befriended a Kybuck, Kittarra, before the battle over Kashyyyk. Kittarra decided to follow her into space


Alias: Gizmo

Snippet was an odd Ewok. She didn’t believe the way the other ewoks did and always wandered too close to the new structure being built near her home. Her curiosity and rebellious attitude made her a social pariah in her clan.

Soon she would meet a strange alien though, one of the tall people who were building that structure, something dealing with the new moon in the sky. The man was very kind to her and gave her strange yumyums and noticed her interest in “shinies”. The man was very important she would later find out, but he taught young Snippet to understand Basic and how to tinker with electronics. Snippet was overjoyed- her world was infinitely opened up!

It would not last. Commodore Jaywalker was starting to come under greater scrutiny from his superiors and peers. A strange alien would be enslaved or experimented on and Tyrie would be demoted or imprisoned.

The commodore, with a heavy heart, decided that he had to part ways with Snippet. Snippet begged him to not put her back onto Endor though. Tyrie decided the Smuggler’s Moon was as good a place as any to leave her, thinking that she was sure to find a job or a transport; no one blinking an eye at a strange new alien species was a plus.

It was here that she met her new friend and protector RK-437, a droid who broke his programming. She repaired him and now has a loyal protector.

She has kept Morla flying for some time now and responsible for RK’s maintenance. SHe loves playing with shinies and her experience on an imperial base gave her all kinds of insight into imperial machinery, even if she can’t explain what it is in Basic very well.

Tryke can rub Snippet’s fur the wrong way sometimes…figuratively


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