Jolly old wookiee who delivers presents


Delivered presents on Life Day to the wookiee children and the crew of the Morla.

Delivered a heavy blaster pistol to Gnaw Tsin

Hunting goggles upgrade for RK-437

A piloting upgrade for Monar Arbok’s R4 droid

A data slicer for Snippet

Sanndryylfurr made another appearance on Dac to visit the Wookiee slave shipbuilders there. The group cleared the way for him to land after they settled a dispute between the two terraforming scientists, Dr. Heaver and Dr. Foo.


I deliver presents to all the good boys and girls all around kashyyyk, HO HO HO! don’t mind the Krampawuss, he’s a jerk.


With Thunderous Applause DavidMale