A rodian low level slaver.


A middle aged rodian slaver known by Monar Arbok. they frequented the same space station near Kho’Danis.

After Gnaw Tsin planted an Imperial tracking beacon on his ship, he has a rivalry/ feud with him, believing him to be a rival slaver.

He seems to have a knack for tracking,as most rodians do, but has not succeeded as well as he could with slaving.

Was sold some slaves by Jiro Besadii Eki, namely; Jenner Kadash, Chalkkatta, and Llowwanna. Gnaw Tsin again, tricked Raspar into thinking he was buying the slaves back, but it was a ruse. Thanks to Snippet‘s quick thinking, she created a working credstick. The linked account though, being Raspar’s very own account. The Rodian will be very confused when he goes to deposit the funds and find his account staying the same.

Has 9 Pit droids that repair and maintain his ship, he calls them Cats.


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