Astromech droid accompanying Morla.


Astromech Droid

Brawn 1, Agility 1, Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Willpower 1, Presence 1

Soak value 3 , Wounds 11, Strain -

skills: Astrogation 3, Computers 3, Cool 2, Mechanics 2, Pilot Space 3*

Tool Kit and Arc Welder (Melee, dmg 3, crit – ,Stun dmg)

*piloting was upgraded by Sanndryylfurr

Likes: Interfacing with Morla, long rolls on the beach, romance stories

Dislikes: broken machines, shipjackers, small furry sentients that take R4’s job

Wants: Astromech socket, Snippet to be spaced, another droid with similar interests with whom to watch the sunset.


A loyal astromech droid that pilots the Morla most of the time. Owned by Monar Arbok‘s family. Was found tending to the ship as if nothing changed, even after the Arbok family’s death. R4 has become a little jealous of Snippet because she has hedged R4 out as chief mechanic and caretaker of the ship.

After the crew saved the wookiees from the Krampawuss, Sanndryylfurr upgraded his piloting processors to help out Monar and added some painted designs dealing of wroshyrr trees and nature onto its chassis; R4 doesn’t seem to mind, yet

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