Sturdy and dependable, all that remains of the Arbok fortune


Silhouette 4, Speed 3, Handling -2

Hull Trauma 28, System Strain 15, Armor 5

encumbrance: 150/200

Hyperdrive: Class 2, Backup 15

Navcomputers, 2 months consumables, requires one pilot and copilot.

passengers 9/10

Sensors: medium

Hardpoints: 2/4

Weapons: Dorsal Mounted Twin Light Laser Cannon- Damage 5, Range Close, Crit 3, Linked 1


Fake transponder signaling: Tortuga

A ship Owned by the Arbok family. Monar Arbok thought it was a piece of junk, until it was all he had left to remember his parents by.
After Monar met Snippet in the Kho’Danis spaceport, he commissioned her to fit it with a small hangar.

This hangar is where Vera sits when not in use, one side of her massive cargo bay is dedicated to the smaller ship.

Snippet stays constantly busy working on Morla, which she has fallen in love with, much to R4-P10’s chagrin.

After saving the wookiee tribe on Life Day from the Krampawuss, the tribe elder commissioned to have a young miniature Wroshyr tree sapling planted in the main meeting quarters. This is a huge honor to non-wookiees and is a sign of their eternal gratitude.

It now has an speeder bike taking up considerable space in her cargo bay. But the speeder bike was abandoned during a heist gone awry in service of Jiro Besadii Eki

The great armored shell of Morla has saved the crew in multiple situations now, but has lost parts of the docking arm and clamps due to a gambit against the ferocious “Honey” Badga Relskine.


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