A spice runner for the Hutts, died on a party yacht


A strange looking species whose males’ can inflate their throat sack and produce a boisterous hum; it is meant to attract mates, but can have a pleasurable effect on other creatures.


Morenzo was one of the T’landa Til responsible for the indentured servitude of Bria Tharen. He and the other T’landa Til used their “Exultation” to trick sentients into forced labor, calling them pilgrims, telling them that they were doing good work for their god.

He was met by Monar Arbok on a pleasure Yacht owned by the Zann Consortium. Morenzo seemed pleasantly inebriated and almost taken with the Mon Cal captain, which proved useful when he was too distracted to recognize Bria Tharen. This would prove fatal for the T’landa Til, who was killed in a combined effort by Monar and Bria


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