mythical creature of Life Day. Steals bad cubs


A mythological figure in Wookiee culture. Rumored to steal bad wookiee cubs from their parents on Life Day. He then whips them and enslaves them.

In reality, was a very large, pitch black Devaronian who used this legend as a fear tactic against wookiees near Life Day. Worked with a crew of Trandoshan slavers who also dressed as the Krampawuss to spread fear and confusion.

He had lots of success and was responsible for the shutdown of a space station where a large group of wookiees were migrating through to go back to Kashyyyk. Stole 2 of Llowwanna’s children, along with many other wookiees from her tribe.

Captain of a Wayfarer Medium Transport modified to hold slaves, called “The Wicker Basket”. Gnaw Tsin was responsible for crippling the ship to get the crew onboard to free the slaves


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