A female kybuck befriended by Snippet


3 Brawn, 6 Agility, 1 Intellect, 2 Cunning, 1 Willpower, 2 Presence

Silhouette 2, Speed 3, Handling +3,

Wounds 13, Strain—

Athletics 2, Brawl 1, Survival 1

*Sure-Footed- Does not suffer penalties when moving through difficult terrain

Horns: Damage 6, crit 5, Disorient 1

Survival checks to ride and attack with Kittarra

Requests: food and chin rubs
pooper scooper optional

Dislikes: Smell of burning meat, screeching sound of TIE fighters


A young female Kybuck found by Chalkkatta. Kittarra started following him back to the village. The chief welcomed her with wide arms, believing Kybucks to be good luck.

She quickly took a shining to Snippet, who shared some of her food with her. When Snippet was leaving, Kittarra wanted to go with her, meaning the fur ratio on Morla has increased exponentially


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