Jenner Kadash

An Imperial Agent captured by the crew


Alias: Sarah Connor

A bright and promising young girl that joined up with Imperial Security. Jenner was recruited at a young age and fed propaganda about how special she was; and how her government needed her. She believed she was going to help the galaxy; bring stability and peace to those who needed it.

Then her friends she met at Imperial Academy started to disappear. The tests became harder and harder; the number of her friends around became less and less. She realized that they had “under performed” and were “reassigned”, despite no Imperial records showing where they were reassigned to and claiming they were “MIA”. She believed all of this to be part of the Empire’s greater plan and would work out in the end. Then her best friend, the daughter of a Bothan diplomat, was reassigned too. The Bothan always faced hard scrutiny and the species-ism of others, but was clearly the best operative among the recruits. Jenner knew then that this wasn’t right, but what else could she do?

After graduating, Jenner became a full fledged ISB Agent. With that, comes the physical and psychological torture to ensure that the Empire’s secrets are safe.

All these experiences had disillusioned Jenner to the Imperial cause. But years worth of training and brainwashing is hard to shake off.


She took and assignment to track down Monar Arbok and extract information about his family’s missing ship. Her outstanding intelligence gathering abilities led her to KSE defunct spacestation- “Bankruptcy Station” after hearing about a trouble-making droid and a Kel Dor showboating a ship that matched Vera‘s decription. It was here she took over Tryke Clyson’s job to wait for Arbok’s crew.

Jenner tailed the crew and saw an opportunity when a gang came after RK-437. She underestimated the crew, in both skill and kindness. She pulled every trick she knew to escape but was captured with only gaping hole where her knee was; nothing that bacta won’t fix. Expecting death and torture, Jenner found mostly tough talk and kindness, surprisingly from RK-437 most of all.

On the moon of Quartzite, she and Chalkkatta were gunned down by some droids of the “New Droids Rights Movement”. Chalkkatta barely survived, but Jenner died for a few minutes. It would have been permanent if not for the quick thinking of Snippet and skill of Llowwanna.

Jenner Kadash

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