Young Wookiee eager to please. Scout and caretaker of Kittarra


Brawn 3, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 3, Willpower 1, Presence 2

Wounds 15, Strain —, Soak 4, Melee Defense 1

Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Melee 1, Perception 2, Survival 2, Vigilance 1, Stealth 1

Talents: Expert Tracker 1, Feral Strength 1, forager, Outdoorsman 1, Stalker 1,

*Forester- (adds boost die to all survival, stealth and athletics checks when in heavily forested/ jungle environments

Has a Ryyk Blade, wears heavy clothing- unlike most wookiees.

Requests: Saddle for Kittarra, more suitable food for Kittarra, Mountaineer’s armor, Fusion lantern, camo netting, flashfire gel, portable survival shelter, modular backpack

Enjoys: camping, hunting, animals, positive attention, survival gear, primitive living

dislikes: whiners, technology reliance, cruelty to animals, sour tasting food


The son of Llowwanna, born the exact middle child of 5 wookiees, Chalkkatta felt overshadowed. He started to enjoy his alone time however and took to long camping trips in the lower levels of Kashyyyk, braving the shadowlands.

It was here that he befriended Kittarra and the reason why the young Kybuck would visit the upper levels of their village.

Chalkkatta’s camping trips made him a decent scout and reconnaissance member of the tribe. He would monitor movements of animals and sometimes the Imperial camps nearby. His constant wrestling and sparring with his brothers made him decent at fighting. He earned his own Ryyk blade shortly before joining his mother and the crew of Morla.

He hopes to gain more of his mother’s approval and make more friends outside of his home where he was used to blending in.

He was shot and almost killed by the droids of the “New Droids Rights Movement” on the moon of Quartzite. Seems to be Recovering nicely with lots of mommy kisses.

After the events of the altercation with Jiro Besadii Eki, he was sold into slavery to Raspar. Thinking his life was over and maybe leaving Kashyyyk was a bad idea; he was rescued by the fast talking of Gnaw Tsin and the quick thinking of Snippet.


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